Mafiarty - Maria Afanasieva Art

Having educational background in arts and economics, I started my creative pathway in 2015 when I began working as freelance illustrator and concept artist taking a pen name of Mafiarty (derivative from Maria Afanasieva Art). A number of projects in different countries were to follow, including Spain, France, Russia, Germany and USA.

Shortly afterwards I realised that the most challenging part of all the projects wasn't the chosen technique, but conveying your vision to the audience, ideating and working on the concept. I then started working as art director, or visual interpreter if you will. 

As creative executive I breath fresh air in history, manage ideas and visualise the most enchanting ones, whether it means creating the art pieces myself or finding professionals of higher expertise in a particular domain. I truly believe that if one respects history, it will do him the same courtesy in return. 


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